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Norfolk Southern (NS) presented Lehigh Railway, LLC (LRWY) with the first ever Shortline of the Year Award at the 10th Annual Shortline Meeting held in Roanoke, Virginia on July 10-12, 2011. LRWY is the first shortline railroad to receive this honor from among the 250 shortline railroads that partner with NS. In addition to Shortline of the Year, LRWY received three other honors. The NS Chemical Group bestowed the Marketing Initiative Award upon LRWY for developing the entirely new market of transporting "drill cuttings" by rail. Previously, drill cuttings were almost exclusively transported by truck. The NS Metals and Construction Group recognized the LRWY with the Marketing Achievement Award for generating a large amount of new business by constructing two sand terminals at Wyalusing, PA and Wysox, PA. LRWY also received the Platinum award for having at least a 1,000 railcar increase in traffic volume.

The Central Bradford Progress Authority named Lehigh Railway LLC (LRWY)  the 2009 Business of the Year award at it's annual meeting of April 16, 2010 at the Towanda Country Club.  Mr. Paul E. Kreischer, President of the authority, presented the award to Mr. Steve May, President of LRWY, saying "...One thing I want all of us to remember is that modern rail systems ... really can act as an attractor to future industry after this gas play has calmed down a bit and so on. It's going to help us attract heavy industry, which in this region has been a key to this area's success."

Tony Ventello, authority executive director, also addressed the railway in his remarks at the meeting.  "One of the things that's really exciting in the area ... is railroad activity," he said. "Our rail has laid dormant - I can't tell you - the last 20-25 years. We had very little activity on the Norfolk line." He said Lehigh has revitalized the railroad, however. "Any rail-served property is at a premium right now, mainly related to the gas industry," he said. "...It's going to help us reduce truck traffic, which is probably the biggest impact we have going on here right now."

Lehigh Railway wishes to thank the Progress Authority and looks forward to continued work with the Authority.

The Lehigh Railway, LLC (LRWY) is pleased to announce a new customer at Wyalusing, PA. TranZ, LLC, a bulk material handling company serving the needs of the energy industry, has signed a 5-year lease to operate a rail-truck transfer station at the former Wyalusing Station siding. "We are planning on hauling about 4,000 cars per year from our Sayre interchange with Norfolk Southern to the new site", said Mr. Jim Raffa, Vice President for Sales at the LRWY. Call (607) 687-6786 for more information.

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